To meet the variety of research needs in the market, ResearchExec™ is available in four internet-based versions. Your requirements will help determine which solution is best for you. Call us at (203) 255-5661 and a member of our team will be glad to assist you.

Enterprise Solution privileges with ASP access. This product is a combination of the Enterprise Solution product offered as an ASP united with the Professional Client Services of ResearchExec™ executing the research project on your behalf.

Our Professional Services staff act as an additional set of experienced hands for you in the development, programming, operational management and full oversight of your survey projects. The amount you wish to involve us is up to you; we can handle a portion of the project for you or take care of the whole project end to end. As an ASP, ResearchExec™ assumes the responsibility for the hosting and technical infrastructure while empowering you, the client, with the broadest professional feature set and complete project control.

Innovated for the mandates of demanding businesses that require the assistance of expert personnel working on their behalf, at budget conscience pricing. ResearchExec™ and its capable staff can handle the complete research process for you, making ResearchExec's Managed ASP the perfect combination of benefits that can be gained from both licensed solutions and professional ASPs.

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See a comparison of the features of the four ResearchExec™ versions.

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Need assistance with your research projects? Let us help. Take advantage of our Professional Client Services.

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